Æлена (barskaya) wrote,

Этот День Победы

А тем временем меня вновь пытаются выселить.
Сходила я в суд 25го апреля. Мир мертвой фикции ничего не может сделать с живым человеком и суд перенесли на 9 мая; 9.30 утра, комната 407.

Прихожу 9 мая в суд и не нахожу в списке у комнаты 407 своего дела. Зато нахожу его в списке у комнаты 406 - Значит всё вернулось в фазу номер 1 - начинаем всё сначала/ с переговоров. :-)

They call the case # and the NAME. I didn't respond, after 2nd time I got up and said: "i am IN (because i am spirit in my body) and FOR Elena. I am intrastate Ex-Officio. This is a wrong venue. You have no jurisdiction."
They send us to the second room with judge.

There are other people in the room. Judge calls the case # and NAME. I didn't respond. Then after 2nd time I said: " i am IN and FOR Elena. I am intrastate Ex-Officio.…." (Judge asked what is that?) I said by the virtue of his office ( т.е. моё тело - это оффис души/бога) you have no jurisdiction and it's a wrong venue.
Judge continued with the Landlord and Council (L&C) and then said: "come behind the bar, or you are not here and now, NO SHOW and I would continue case hearing as plaintiff didn't show up."
I said: "Thank you for acknowledging that I am not the GIFT, I am challenging your authority."
Judge: "Don't stand outside the bar, sit down or leave the room. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?" At this point bailiff(охранка) started to move towards me saying you can't scream in court, sit down or leave the room. So I set down on a bench outside the bar). L&C were ready to open their mouth.
And I screamed (loud voice with assertion) from outside the bar: "I didn't give you authority to use my property (NAME) I have ownership (exclusive right to use it). You are wrong venue and have no jurisdiction. I am not individual, human (бездуховное/мртвое тело) or other animal."

L&C opened their mouth about how L already lost money and Judge said - I am not hearing your case now. (Т.е. она сложила свои полномочия)
And she call another case. So she went through all the cases leaving our for last.
Now room is filled with councils from other cases who are finalizing their daily trafficking with judge. And she calls my case # again. L&C sitting behind the bar at the table passing judge some documents, I am outside.

And I remembered "Ex-Officio in, Ex-parte (them) has to go."
"It's my court" and how judge said: "What do you want to do?" she gave me two options, but it was like she was waiting for me to take a lead or she'd do her thing.

And I screamed: by what authority you bring civilian chapetier into military tribunal? By what authority council engages my person into commercial sex trafficking? Now Landlord's jaw dropped. Yes, I said, he is transferring my person from IntrAstate to entERstate.
Where is his foreign agent registration?
Then I went quiet for a second. Judge were shoveling the paperwork. L & C were sitting shoveling their paperwork and I screamed again: "When I came from my Mama (потому что слово "mother" один из ихних терминов), i got certificate - evidence of the office of duty."

Jesus Christ marked the spot. I witness it by accord and satisfaction. Discount the docket and pay par value to the order of US Treasury (I didn't say department on purpose) to pay Elena Barskaya.
And then I shut up.

And judge said Council said he adjourns the case. (Council was like "I?") Judge looks at the calendar on the wall saying "May 21 9.30am. Court will mail … "notices?"... to the parties."
Bailif brought paperwork to L&C saying "it's an old case"
Landlord shaking Council's sleeve - what's going on? Council doesn't know himself, he is saying this is old ….
At this point Judge called one of the other councils that were waiting for her, and another one.

I left.

Secuel to be continued on May 21.

CommerciAL sex trafficking. А знали ли вы ребятки, что слово SEX на латыни означает to divide/разделять.
SEX, noun [L. sexus; from L. seco, to divide.]
1. The distinction between male and female; or the property or character by which an animal is male or female.

The term “commercial sex act” means any sex act on account of which anything of value is given to or received by any person./ означает любой sex акт, за счет которого что-либо ценное передается или получает какое-либо лицо.

Другими словами если ктo-тo пытается разделить вашу персону и аннексировать/transfer/перенести ее из внутреннего состояния intrAstate во внешний intERstate body-politics (для прибыли и изнасилования, потому что когда вас подвергают ростовщичеству- с вас сдирают три шкуры) - это и есть CommerciAL sex trafficking, а не то, что вы подумали. И телевизионный трындежь это именно об этом. О том что человека приписывают к корпорации (foreign body-politics), в качестве животного, чтобы доить.
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