Æлена (barskaya) wrote,

Процесс Вознесения

Смотрим процесс из знаменитого публичного обьявления

1. – This is the authentic recurrence of her ladyship the Abrasax sovereign and we have come to claim her title.
- You need to file an inheritance petition, where the title is held you need the transfer of title.

2. File a quit claim with central cervices sec 9-18

3. You need a title survey and gene print identification from Willson Trusts.

4. В лифте :
- Hall of Titles
- Quit Claim
- Wills and Trust
- Revenue Review
- Title transfer
- Seals and signets
- Sub-33

5. I can’t touch this without Tax number from revenue review. (Re-venue review, not revenue request)

6. A title Number is required before... a Tax Identification Number can be issued.

7. -We can't get the title without Tax ID. How much?
- 10 c
- Press your thumb … Seals and Signets are on Sub-33

8. B "Seals and Signets" - печать на запястье
Here is your Code and Conduct Guide
Royal ways and means commission
File with legion administrator for your Royal guard appointment.
Congratulation your Majesty and my deepest condolences.

9. you are now entitled.

А теперь словари в зубы и переложте это на fork tongue/язык двуязычия.

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