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Короче разобралась я с аудиофайлом. Вот транскрипт на английком.

[00:00:08] Whoever is in possession of that security is the trustee and liable for the debt. Registration of life birth is the original Security that was issued. Your mother placed that security in trust. She didn't get equal value in exchange. There was a debt created on the books.

[00:00:29] Now, they acknowledge receipt of that and they acknowledged the debt and they issued the certificate. If you read the UCC- Article 8, Article 9, you'll see that registration of life birth is a registered certificated security. Whoever is identified on the certificate that was returned is the entitlement holder of that account.

[00:00:53] Securities entitlement, right?

[00:00:56] That's right. But what are you entitled to?

[00:00:59] A person has to be treated as holding a financial asset directly rather than having a security entitlement with respect to that financial asset. If a securities intermediary holds a financial asset for that person in a financial asset has not been endorsed to the securities intermediary or in blank.

[00:01:16] That's exactly what we're talking about. That guy is a custodian only! of that security because you had an obligation once you got the Certificate to endorse it and return it so that he could become a securities intermediary and act on your behalf.

[00:01:36] Exactly.

[00:01:46] Being as you holding that Certificate you are the administration. So you didn’t return it. They had no choice but to create an office for you so you could go and administrate your own securities account.

[00:01:52] They were forced to. OK, the office is there. And if you guys are so pathetic, your can’t administrate it, we will do it for you. But it's going to cost.

[00:02:05] The minute you endorse the certificate... it’s just like a stock certificate. You buy stock in a bank, endorse it and hand it back to the guy at the bank, he can be a proxy for you and vote and administrate that thing for your benefit. Not for his.

[00:02:16] They are all securities intermediary. What does CANADA administrate?


[00:02:21] Every second you spend trying to fit the live man into a system is a waste of fucking time. That there can be no substance in that system. There is none. It's foreign only.

[00:02:34] Yes,

That's why it says a financial asset. You click on that - it says Security

[00:02:39] CANANDA is a corporation registered in Washington, DC with EDGAR Securities Commission. They are registered and authorized to administrate securities. It's the president of the United States addressing CANADA hereinafter referred to as a foreign QI /qualified intermediary.

[00:03:01] All the enforcement actions statutes have nothing to do with you unless you're holding that certificate and you're trying to administrate.

[00:03:11] So the minute the Certificate is properly endorsed on its face and returned to the custodian of the original security, now he becomes a securities intermediary and all claims a barred against that account.
Except for your claims. If you can authorize them to draw an account. Could you not draw on it yourself?

You betcha.

[00:03:36] So the minute that the record is corrected in their system, cause all they can see is FORM.


[00:03:43] The good thing about this is you don't have to dream up goddamn paperwork. All the paperwork is in their system.

[00:03:51] The whole system is set up for the beneficiaries. All they did is assumed and presume that you abandoned that and they're the beneficiaries.

[00:04:01] I'm going to explain a court case to you, whether it’s a government agent or a cop, anybody.

[00:04:09] The minute they make a claim on that security, first they strip your title. Who are you? So they have access: you identified the account, the phone number, everything else.

[00:04:22] But every one of the claims that they make they're making privately. They're underwriting that claim with their own securities. He draws up a plan against that security. Then he takes it to a PROXY and deposits it with the court.

[00:04:39] The minute the judge accepts that claim into his court, he gives it a file number, am account number and deposits it.

[00:04:47] Now they float securitys futures on that, what was drawn up..

[00:04:55] What they did was they got your checkbook. Draw up a check. Sign it in your place/instead of you and now they going to issue whatever they issue (warrant, summons, whatever) - that's nothing more than to get your consent to the whole deal.
They need a banker's acceptance. And any type of appearance is a banker’s acceptance.

[00:05:19] So the minute that judge accepted that into his court, he just became in breach of trust, securities fraud and tax evasion because they never ever fill out the tax form, claiming that as abandoned property and paying the capital gains on it. Never. Your first mistake is walking in there - that's considered an appearance. And I don't care if you say I'm here on special apperance or I'm agent for … -they don't give a shit.

[00:05:51] There’s three types of apperance and every one of them constitutes banker’s acceptance. So, once you get the paperwork done and your status corrected in the master file, you can no longer ever appear in one of them courts. Your appearance instantly constitutes contempt of court, treason, breach of trust on their part.

[00:06:12] The minute you're under arrest, there's no question who you are. Is there?


You're the beneficiary. There's a fellow shiped in jail. Went to jail for tax evasion. And they call him to go to court and jail on another charge.
And all the guys said to the judge was:
-Can I have your name for the record?
- Absolutely. And she spells out her name.
- Ok. And I'm in your custody, right?
- Yes, of course.
- Ok. So that would make me the beneficiary and you the trustee. I got all my bills at the court house, my mortgage needs to be paid. BANG
She hands up the phone
At 8 o'clock that night, the spring parts on his door and they kick him out on the street. He gets home and his mortgage is paid off.

[00:06:58] And then just let the stupid fuck did - he shows up in the court a months later, to appear on the charge that they were talking about when he was in jail.

[00:07:07] And the judge looks at him and says, well, for the purposes of this hearing then I guess I had no choice but to assume you are the trustee. The next day, the sheriff was there to foreclose on the house.

[00:07:23] That guy didn't have one shred of paperwork done anywhere. He just made the claim.
[00:07:30] He didn't know what you know, so far, but securities are everything. He just knew that much.

[00:07:33] If you endorse that thing on its face, then return it to the custodian so he can become a securities intermediary. You keep reading in that Article 8 what exactly happens?

[00:07:48] That securities intermediary is obligated to protect that account from all claims; the only property in that entire system that security, the only property that you can reclaim in this system that securities account. Everything that you have was generated, derived from that.

[00:08:12] The entitlement of that account is you're entitled to the debt side of the ledger.

[00:08:19] Every time any instrument was drawn on that estate, they created credit/brought credit into the system.

[00:08:29] But because you're dealing with even exchange and double entry bookkeeping, every time a hundred thousand dollars of credit is drawn on a chargeable instrument, there's an equal amount of debt, that results automatically by operation of law in order to zero the book. Because at the end of the business day all accounts have to be zeroed. So every time they draw on that thing, they're bearing new credit in and that's theirs. But there's an equal value of debt with interest results from that. And people will never figure it out because they've been trained to avoid debt to start with.

[00:09:12] When they cloned your estate, they cloned the provinces, your Country, your churches… They cloned everything. And when they did that, they showed you the remedy. Every time you do anything, you're have to apply.
And all they're doing is say: “Okay, if you're incompetent, you're done administering.
First we have to get you to identify the account.
What's your birthday? - so they can tap that security.
And they need a blanket endorsement on that application, to give them power of attorney to administer.
But what we're doing is going back and correcting the record. So you don't have to fight with all the courts and that shit.

[00:09:53] The minute your status is changed, all claims are barred: Good bye judiciary, Good bye bankers, Good bye everybody.. Because none of them being a trustee could possibly have a claim against you. If they did, there would be admitting that they are trustee administering your estate for their own benefit. That can’t happen.

[00:10:12] You just take the original trust back to where you pledged the security and they acknowledge receipt of that security with the certificate, but there was not will with it, so it was an implied trust and everything has to be assumed and presumed.

[00:10:28] So now when you go back and correct the record, what's your doing is saying: "No, no, no. I didn't abandon those."

[00:10:36] And now we're expressing the trust on paper. It's no longer implied assumed and presumed. And they know when the heir is finally comes back from being lost at sea. And says: “No, I'm not the government, you are. Here it is. Now, administrate it. And this is how you're going to administer it."

[00:10:56] The UCC and PPSA is not a lien. It's notice of a lien. If they ever call you on your lien notice say: “Well, okay. Where is the security agreement that generated this lien? Can you produce one? [The security agreement modeled after Article 9 of the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) in the United States, and under the PPSA (Personal Property Security Act) in Canada]

[00:11:07] People that trying to tell them there's notice of a lien that this live man has an interest in this dead fiction. You're trying to bring substance into form. And when you did that - The name is the same so it just collapses and reverts back to the original trust.

[00:11:24] Every minute you spend trying to bring live man into the system is a waste of time. They can only recognize PERSON. Since 1960, the federal court rules that from this day forward all rights will be vested in the form of lien interest and if you walk into any court case and you could look at the judge's notes. All he's doing is try to figure out who is the secured party, who has the lien interest and who has power of attorney? And how did they get it?
You think about that a few minutes and you'll be able to see the remedy opens up. It doesn't matter where you are or what you do. There's always remedy. Nobody has power of attorney over you.

[00:12:06] Nobody. Not one of their administration could possibly have a lien interest in that estate. They can't possibly. If you walked into that court and looked around, you said
-Okay. You over there, your produce your written delegated authority for administering this estate. Where's your power of attorney?
-And you, you produce a registered lien interest to the court. Where is it?
- Cause I got one here. Where the fuck do you get standing? If you don't have a lien interest in this thing? Get the fuck out of here. You got no standing.

After this record is corrected, you can no longer walk into one of their private courts. And if one of their assholes drags you in Title merges with Equity and you have foreclosure.

[00:12:49] When a trustee drags you into the court and tries to administrate that estate, that you have full lien interest in, for his own benefit, he just breached the trust. The whole thing reverts back to you and you have foreclosure.

[00:13:05] You want to see them get foreclosed on in court, if they drag you in there? And you just look at them and say: I know that you don't have Power of Attorney and I know you don't have lien interest. And I know that you are a trustee because you got a check last month.

[00:13:20] And now that you've done this and the judge has accepted it in his court room, he just became the trustee liable for the whole works and the whole trust collapses and reverts back to you.
That's why this judge last spring, when they're trying to put the lady in jail stud up: Said I'm going to stand down and fuck off. And he told the clerk recorder he was caught in a breach and we're going to foreclose on it. And this is how you foreclose – When Title and Equity merge you have foreclosure.

[00:13:56] The fucker is in breach of public trust because he's a trustee and he's actually trying to administrate that thing for his own benefit, that you haven’t abandoned those securities and it’s in their books and you are the entitlement holder. So you just came back from the dead. They can no longer assume and presume all kinds of horse shit.

[00:14:20] They have to administrate that estate for your benefit now. There's no assuming and presuming that you're lost at sea and that you abandoned it for their benefit and all kinds of shit.

[00:14:33] Okay, so they want to drag you in there. There's no question who the beneficiary is. Once you're under arrest, does it ?


[00:14:40] I don't think anybody ever figured it out.

If a cop put you under arrest, there's no question that he is trustee and you're the beneficiary - You're in his custody. So look at the judge and say: “Excuse me Sir, I have never abandon them securities. And I'm on record as the entitlement holder and whether you know that or not. I don't care. But what you're going to do now is you're going be exchange the dismissal order for the claims drawn on my estate.
And you're going to have the clerk to do full accounting of the whole thing and you're going to write a check before the end of the business day OR you're going to fill out the tax forms that are required to claim that I abandoned those securities. And you're going to report the earnings so that I can go to Revenue Canada and get my debt back. And if you don't file the tax forms and claim it, I will do it for you. But when I do it now, because the trust has collapsed, not only am I foreclosing on the debt side of the ledger, I'm going to foreclose on the Credit side too.

Think about all the remedies now that you know: ……. the debt, ……. to return
and that guy is no longer a custodian he's a trustee, a securities intermediary. And all the Acts and Statutes apply to who?


[00:16:03] That's right. Do they apply to you now?

No, God, no.
[00:16:07] And you say that some copper acting privately is going to come out and make a claim against that estate?

He would be stupid to do so

If that happens you never appear in court. You sit down and put your paperwork in a little envelope and you mark it: “Private trust deposit” and you Register-mail it to the judge.
So when that judge is sitting there trying to get you to answer to the name, who's bond do you think is underwriting the whole fucking thing?


[00:16:37] That's right. Until he gets you to make an appearance and give it a banker's endorsement. And that can happen the minute you walk through the door.

[00:16:46] You can stand there and blab. They don't give a fuck that you go to the next hundred years because every time you appear, they're billing the estate.

You never appear in court again. And if you appear – “Special trust deposit”.


[00:17:01] The only thing you're doing to appear is to forclose on the whole fucking thing

[00:17:08] Now, take a look at bank mortgages. Somebody is losing their house. I can put four lines on a piece of paper. Fax it to the bank. And not only will they fucked up. They might even send somebody to your door trying to settle so they can keep your mouth shut.

Four lines yeah. Is this before or after you've made the connection with the securities intermediary and had the status corrected so and so forth?

[00:17:34] Substance always overrides form, so it doesn't matter if I got the form done.
[00:17:40] I just wanted to share an experience. We had three, four years ago, he had an experience on a traffic charge, driver's license related and their first appearance when I went to court that day. He approached the provincial prosecutor. He walked up to him. He showed him the birth certificate. He said, I'm presenting this not as evidence of my identity, but evidence of my interest. And I am here to release my interests for the settlement of any and all charges. And the prosecutor said, OK, there's a little bit of chit-chat with the judge. And that was the end of the case. It was over. What I perceive he did there was a verbal endorsement.

[00:18:13] That’s what it was - an endorsement, not an indorsement. He didn't get a check, did he?
When that guy walked into the court, handed his certificate and said, I'm willing to assign a portion of that to settle the debts, he actually gave them my whole fucking court case and the Crown thought: Hmm, that's good. We'll take it. How much can we fuckin’ generate from this?

[00:18:37] Gotcha. So on one hand, he was liberating himself to gain access to the account. So whatever amount they want…

He got his ass out of there. But he gave them a blank cheque.

No restrictions on that.

If you take that Birth Certificate and endorse it (with an E), on the back, you can assign a portion to somebody. You can limit on how much they can get. If you just say take the fuckin thing and do whatever you want with it. Don't worry. They're going to draw one heck of a cheque from that.

[00:19:07] That makes perfect sense. Got it.

[00:19:10] There's people that have had this information and moved on because they simply cannot understand, especially the proxis. Like if we didn't talk to you, it would take you another five years to reclaim it. Because once you hit 25 and they file the abandonment papers that go there to...., you cannot reclaim that account yourself. You have to do it through a PROXY. I know for a fact this is the answer.

[00:19:34] There is no other answer. If you do not this piece long time ago, you'd have been know what you are doing

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