Æлена (barskaya) wrote,

Про счастье.

Я не люблю считать деньги, потому, что если деньги надо считать, то значит их на все не хватает.

А по-поводу счастья, две цитаты:
1. Augustine: "Happy is he who has whatever he desires, and desires nothing amiss."

Amiss=left out
Августин: «Счастлив тот, кто имеет все, что хочет, и не желает ничего несуществующего."

2. Plato:"But why then are they so terribly anxious to prevent you from being happy, and doing as you like? - keeping you all day long being in subjection to another, and, in word, doing nothing which you desire; so that you have no good, as would appear out of their great possessions, whuich are under the control of anybody rather then if you, and have no use of your own fair person, which is tended and taken care of by another; while you, Lysis, are master of nobody, and can do nothing?"

Вторая цитата на двуязычии адресует опекунов и контроль над "справедливым лицом".

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