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Get on with the business of America.

Trump: "My campaign pursued every legal avenue to contest the election results."

Нас тут интересуют легальные пути и выборы. Но не те выборы о которых вы подумали.
Открываем " Pomeroy's Equity Jurisprudence and Equitable Remedies six volumes"
Стр. 853 ( concerning election)

The instrument may declare in express term that the gift to A must be accepted by him in lieu of his own interest, which is thereby transfered to B...

to bestow upon B some estate, interest, or right of property, which is not the donor's, but which belongs to A, and at the same time to give to A some benefits derived from the donor's own property.

The general rule is, that a person cannot accept and reject the same instrument; and this is the foundation of the law of election.

A man shall not take any benefit interest under a will, and at the same time set up any right or claim of his own...

In order to raise a case of election, it must be clear that there was an intention on the part of the testator to dispose of what he had not the right or power to dispose of.

The equitable doctrine of election is grounded upon the ascertained intention of the testator...

Ну а testator/grantor/person/А/В может быть хоть ИИСУС, хоть Административная Корпорация, хоть ЛИЦО ( если оно у вас есть). Т.е. А можете быть Вы, а В - государство. Есть над чем пару дней подумать.
В любом случае Трамп говорил не про постановочное "взятие Капитолия", а про законы о наследстве.

Кстати слово succeed ( типа от слова success) приуспеть, иметь успех вовсе не про это, а про вступление в наследство.

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