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Section 1214 Definitions
Abandoned Property Law (ABP)
When used in this article, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

(a) "Property" includes, but is not limited to, money, rights to claim refunds or rebates, postal savings deposits, bonds, notes, certificates, policies of insurance, other instruments of value, choses in action, obligations whether written or unwritten, and any thing of value of any nature whatsoever.

(b) "United States" means any officer, agency, department or instrumentality of the United States of America, other than a court, and any corporation organized under its laws.

Section 1215 Escheat
Abandoned Property (ABP)
If the rightful owner of any property in the possession, custody or control of the United States either (a) shall have been or shall be unknown for seven consecutive years; or ... then such property, together with all interest or other increments accrued thereon, shall escheat to the state of New York.

Lewis Carroll book "Through the looking glass".
Humpty Dumpty :
- So here’s a question for you. How old you say you were?
- Seven years and six months.
- Wrong! You never said a word like it.
- I thought you meant how old are you?
- If I’d mean that, I’d have said it
- Seven years and six months! An uncomfortable sort of age. Now if you’d asked my advise, I’d say ‘Leave off at seven’ – but it’s too late now.
- I never ask advise about growing.
- Too proud?
- I mean, that one can’t help growing older.
- One can’t, perhaps, but two can. Whith proper assistance, you might have left off at seven.
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