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О гражданстве Фрэнка Ллойда Врайта

Dear Alena:

As earlier promised; here is a (more complete) version of what it is you recall I recounted, via "Zoom" - (Text of e-mail sent on "Tue, Jun 8 at 11:43 PM".)

Your article '7 Things You Didn’t Know About Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin' (May 11, 2018; Architectural Digest).

Dear Stefanie Waldek:

I belatedly discovered your well-written article on Taliesin North today - on the 154th Anniversary of Mr. Wright's birth, June 8, 1867. The "8th Thing", is the historical significance of that date... long-suppressed by the de facto, post-Civil War "government" that today still pretends legitimacy, but which is understood by Scholars of Law to be sine die*; meaning a business - or government - whose proceedings had been adjourned (1861), but... with no appointed date for resumption. (!)
*sine die: Latin, without day.

I was one of the youngest Apprentices of Frank Lloyd Wright, from 1956 to 1959; that is, until and after his passing on April 9, 1959. And, I am a student of American Law to the extent that I can assert with lawful certainty, that: Mr. Wright was the only de jure American (State) Citizen I have ever known, having been born before the so-called, but never lawfully ratified "14th Amendment" (sic), of July 9, 20, and 28, 1868. (Thus, not a mere "citizen of the United States".)

While he was, I am certain, not aware of the information I am sharing with you here, he had a sure sense of (as he wrote), "the sovereignty of the individual". Technically, however; in these United States of America, the American Citizen is a member of the sovereignty, as the 'Constitution for the United States of America' (Preamble "title"), prohibits "any Title of Nobility" at Article I., Section 9., Clause 8.

Interestingly; when in 1957 (at the age of 90), he had occasion to be introduced to Al-Malik Faisal, II., the young (and alas, the last) King of Iraq, this is what transpired in the palace at Baghdad:
'As he was being introduced to the king, the royal aide announced, "Mr. Wright, His Majesty, the King of Iraq." "And here," Mr. Wright said as he bowed, "is His Majesty, the American Citizen."
- TREASURES OF TALIESIN / SEVENTY-SIX UNBUILT DESIGNS / BAGHDAD CULTUAL CENTER, BAGHDAD, IRAQ, 1957 / (Page) 68a / Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer /Southern Illinois University Press / Copyright (c) 1985 by The Frank Lloyd Wright Memorial Foundation.

The significance of this Fact is truly tremendous, as the Artist-Architect who sought mightily to create 'An American Architecture' (title of a book of 1955), was - as I wrote - a de jure American Citizen with "unalienable Rights". Whereas; "A citizen of the United States is a citizen of the federal government" - Kitchens v. Steele. / 112 F.Supp. 383 (1953). In other words; those who seek to be "registered voters" are regarded as second-class "citizens", having only "civil rights".

Surprised? If you wish to know more about this vital but suppressed information, you may contact me. I hope you do.

Arthur Stopes, III.
Legislative Analyst and Writer (L.A.W.) / Director of the Center for Unalienable Rights Education (C.U.R.E.).
Berkeley, California State (Cal.; not "CA"). / (Not "in this State" as statutorily defined; thus, no "Sales Tax".)".

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