Æлена (barskaya) wrote,


Commerce - DATED
social dealings between people.

Com - together
merce - to subject to fine
to subject to amercement
to mulct
to amerce

mercer - trader, merchandise
A-merce - (law) to punish by fine or other penalty

Mercy - (Latin)merces, wages.
At the mercy of

Mulct - a penalty such as fine
To take ( something) from another person by means of unseemly or deceptive method
( law) to cheat or defraud, to fine
Latin multa- a fine
To punish ( person) by fine
To obtain by fraud, extortion.

Ист-Индийская Трэйдинговая Компания ввела всевозможные поборы в портах.
И почему Lord Cutler Beckett не смог отдавать приказы, уйдя под воду со своим кораблём (я имею ввиду коммерческие термины) потому что " Пираты, как и Библия- все в аллегориях.

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