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Man are surrounded by wants which are renewed every day.

Две книги сегодня Commercial Law by Gano и College Law by Charles Aldo
Они почти сходны относительно покрываемого материала, но подача разная.

Итак, infant или майнор (не достигший 21года) находится под Contract of Minor for Necessaries.

Contracts for Necessaries. There exist number of cases
in which an infant cannot avoid payment for benefits received,
the principal illustration being his contracts for necessaries.
Necessaries include food, clothing, shelter, education, medical
attention, and those things needed for the comfort and welfare
of the infant
If the law did not give protection to parties furnishing the
necessaries of life to an infant, we can see that many cases
would arise in which the infant might suffer. Therefore the
law says that when an infant is not supplied with necessaries
by his parents or guardian or others to whom he may look, he
may contract for them himself. The law creates promise on
the part of the infant to pay what they are reasonably worth
but this does not mean that the tradesman can charge what he
pleases, so it will be seen that the infant is still protected.

Cain, who was an orphan about nine years of age, boarded with Hyman
for about two years. An action was brought for his board. The court
held that the law will imply promise on the part of an infant to pay
reasonable price for necessaries furnished to him.

Hyman v. Cain, 48 N. C. 1n.

Disaffirmance - repudiation of contract = an election to avoid it. A minor has the legal right to disaffirm a voidable contract at any time during his minority. Disaffirmance completely nullifies the contract. Expressing an intention not to be bound is all that is necessary.

upon electing to disaffirm the contract, minor must return whatever he may have receive under contract, provided he is still in possession of it. (Включает ли это СОР?)

Ratification - restatement of one's willingness to be bound by his promises made during minority. It is in substance a new promise and may be oral, written, or merely implied by his conduct.

He can not ratify a part and disaffirm a part; he must ratify all or none of it.

After he reaches majority, his silence ratifies an executed contract while it disaffirms an executory contract.

His guardian must be discharged before he regains full competency to contract.

Executed and Executory Contracts.
An executed contract is one in which the terms of the agreement have been fulfilled.
It is contract which has been completed.

Marks sold Jordan trunk for $40. The trunk was delivered and the $40 paid. This is an executed contract.

An executory contract is one which has not been completed.
Hand sold Lang 100,000 feet of lumber at certain price, to be de livered during the twelve months following and to be paid for when delivered. This is an executory contract, until the lumber has all been
delivered and paid for.

In some cases the contract may be executed on the part of one party to the contract and executory on the part of the other party, as when goods purchased are delivered but not yet paid for.

В книге The theory of credit by Henry Dunning Macleod M.A.

Т.е.права - это бестелесное, бесплотное (плоть), нематериальное имуществоимущество.
Система считает что вы находитесь под простым/ simple контрактом, который может быть письменным , устным или просто проистекать из ваших действий (недействий в данном случае)

Это всё презумпция пока вы не дадите уведомление о том, что Вы Титулованая особа original issuer, вы под простым договором, подразумеваемым вашим поведением

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