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Как вариант / на подумать

The Vessel Arrived at the Port of Entry from the waters by being "TUGGED" (Like a tub boat) through the Birth Canal and was then DOCKED (ered).
Then the doc "slapped" a bill of lading on the vessel receiving the cargo, which is held in Trust.
And because the vessel was "dry Docked" at Re-gestation* by the INFORMANT, (Mother) she abandoned the vessel. Where by the Hospital/ (a "foundling" receiving Location) established the Government as the Father/guardian by presumption under the Parens Patriae DOC-trine. (Trine = tethered like attached by a string)
So, essentially the vessel was "tied off to the STATE" by mooring lines. All because the True Father never came in and claimed the child and should have anchored it up OFF -Shore.

* gestation - the process of carrying or being carried between conception and birth. -Oxford

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