Æлена (barskaya) wrote,

назад в реальность

В Нью Йорке - лето.

Пойду схомячу свежего кофе с круасаном за углом.

Новая поговорка на Уолл Стрит: "Шанхай, Дубай, Мумбай или гудбай".

Из Real Estate Board of New York пришло письмо с призывом "устроить флешмоб" полит.представителям проголосовавшим против плана Полсона.  

Dear REBNY Member,

Passage of the financial stabilization package is imperative to the national economy and to our industry. It is crucial that calls and contacts be made to the representatives who voted against the package urgng them to act soon to restore stability to our financial system.

Attached is the list of the House members who voted against the bill. The color coding is: green equals top priority, yellow next and then grey, but calls to any of them are important. Note that four members of the New York delegation voted against the bill, including Jose Serrano of the Bronx. Their contact info as well as that of the House members from New Jersey who voted no is at the end of the list.

Calls, especially to their District offices, emails, or faxed letters to any of them would be helpful. If your organization has business interests in any of the listed states or congressional districts, it would be very helpful if you asked your local executives to make contact with them and urge them to act soon to restore stability to the financial system and liquidity to the credit markets.

Feel free to contact ...


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