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Россию вступaют в ВТО

T.e. через 30 дней после ратификации документа дома должны типа стать членами.
Я не против ВТО, я хочу знать на каких условиях?

На русском документов (Accession package) естественно нет, папуасам не положено. С Июня 1993 т.е. 18 лет переговоры вели, так что на перевод денег уже не хватило.
Теперь на одних грузин надежда, может спасут нас, болезных, встав в позу и наложив вето. Ну или хотя бы время потянут. Ну хотя бы до тех пор, пока деньги найдутся на перевод, чтоб хоть знать кому и чего маза-раша уже должна.

Ну а пока российским фермерам урезают гос.субсидии в половину. Еще не вступили, но Медведков уже торпится бежит, предупредил типа. :)

Под катом краткий синопсис на английском. Я вечерком еще покопаюсь и попробую хоть что-то понять и перевести.

What WTO accession means for Russia

As part of the accession accord, Russia has agreed to undertake a series of important commitments to further open its trade regime and accelerate its
integration in the world economy. From the date of accession, the Russian Federation has committed to fully apply all WTO provisions, with recourse to very few a transitional periods. The Russian Federation’s commitments will include the following:

Market access for goods - On average, the final legally binding tariff ceiling will be 7.8% compared with a 2011 average of 10% for all products. The average tariff ceiling for agriculture products will be 10.8%, lower than the current average of 13.2%. The ceiling average for manufactured goods will be 7.3% vs. the 9.5% average today on manufactured imports. Tariffs will be bound at zero for cotton and information technology (ITA) products (current applied tariff on ITA products is 5.4%).

Market access for services - The Russian Federation has made specific commitments on 11 services sectors and on 116 sub-sectors. On telecommunications, the foreign equity limitation (49%) would be eliminated four years after accession. Foreign banks would be allowed to establish subsidiaries. On transport services, commitments were made in maritime and road transport services, including the actual transportation of freight and passengers.

Export Duties - Export duties would be bound for over 700 tariff lines, including certain products in the sectors of fish and crustaceans, mineral fuels and oils, raw hides and skins, wood, pulp and paper and base metals.

General commitments on market access - Quantitative restrictions on imports or other requirements or restrictions that could not be justified under the WTO provisions would be eliminated and not (re) introduced. Upon accession, the Russian Federation would apply the Custom Union Generalised System of Preferences scheme (CU GSP) for developing and least-developed countries. 152 developing countries and least-developed countries benefit from the CU GSP.

GPA - The Russian Federation intends to join the WTO Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) and would notify this intention to the WTO Government Procurement Committee at the time of accession.

Industrial subsidies - The Russian Federation would eliminate all its industrial subsidies programmes or modify them so that any subsidy provided would not be contingent upon exportation or upon the use of domestic over imported goods.

Agricultural subsidies - The total trade distorting agricultural support would not to exceed USD 9 billion in 2012 and would be gradually reduced to USD 4.4 billion by 2018. All agricultural export subsidies will be bound at zero.

Pricing of energy - Producers and distributors of natural gas in the Russian Federation would operate on the basis of normal commercial considerations, based on recovery of costs and profit

SPS - All SPS measures would be developed and applied in the Russian Federation and the Custom Union, in accordance with the WTO Agreement.

TBT - All legislation related to technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures, are to comply with the WTO TBT Agreement.

Investment - All laws, regulations and other measures related to the Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures would be consistent with the WTO provisions.

TRIPS - The Russian Federation would fully apply the provisions of TRIPS including provisions for enforcement, without recourse to any transitional period.

Territorial scope - The provisions of the WTO Agreement would be applied uniformly throughout the Russian Federation territory, including in regions engaging in frontier traffic, special economic zones and other areas where special regimes for tariffs, taxes and regulations could be established.

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