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I hope you get this one because you can't realize your fullest potential without this achievement.
We all hunger for it. Self-acceptance is calcium for the bones of our personalities. Many of us keep those bones weak by making our self-acceptance dependent on the approval of others. Weak bones make for a hard life. Confusing self-acceptance with acceptance by others makes for a hard life.

You may have trouble thinking about self-acceptance in any way that doesn't involve acceptance by others. many of us simply aren't in the business of accepting ourselfs, although few of us ever get out of the business of rejecting ourselves. Positive input depends on others, negative input we provide ourselves. This is a no-win sistem.

The harder we work at trying to succeed this way, the more vulnerable we make ourselves. People sence our need, play our weekness to their own advantage, and decide for themselves weather we fail or succeed. Watch carefully where you seek aproval. If you drift from seeking it from someone who'd be thretened by your success, you're in heavy trouble.

Self-acceptance is a state of being your own person. You have arrived. Not where somebody else sent you, you have arrived exactly where you want to be. Self-acceptance marks the day when the opinions of other people don't control you anymore. It's the day you start making yourself heard when you don't agtee. It's the night you suddenly jump a jet to Europe for a vacation; it's the morning you stay in bed because you want to. It's the hour you're all through with the games you don't want to play, through with the roles you don't want to live. It's the minute ypu finally unlock your potential, become you, know that you've become you, and know that you are completely and gloriously your own person. Doesn't that sounds exciting?
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