Æлена (barskaya) wrote,

События в Лас Вегасе становятся всё чудесатее и чудесатее.
Вот уже оказывется и в Беллажио, отель в нескольких милях от Мандалэя, стреляли. И шериф города говорит что Стивен наш был не один.
Возможно Стивен оруже продавал, a в казино бабло отмывал. Возможно покупатели его пристрелили и пошли по городу делать пиф-паф. Сдается что и это не последняя версия. Еще узнаем про кавер-ап и про то что ЦРУ через подобных Стивенов поставляет оружие всяким пидарасам. И всё это розовым бутоном распустится в лица Американцев :)
Медийные истории лезут по швам. CNN окрестили Creators of Noncense "News".

" CIA set up Paddock on the 32nd floor... he probably never fired a shot. ISIS conducted the attack on the 4th floor and other unknown locations. The 75 round bursts and the amount of casualties means they probably used a belt fed machine gun like a M248 SAW or its heavier brother the M249. ISIS carried out the assault with the military grade machine guns capable of the 75 round bursts that the Las Vegas police say were fired. ISIS who has NEVER falsely claimed an attack claimed responsibility the following morning. That does not mean they were talking about the patsy Paddock though. Its ludicrous that anyone would lug 24 AR's up to a hotel room and then go play video poker downstairs. The magazines change easily so 2 guns would have been more than adequate. But a standard AR with a bump stock couldn't hit jack shit at 500 yards... certainly not 530 people in a matter of a few minutes. I doubt Paddock even owned an AR. This is all a CIA fabrication to push gun control and divide the American people. I would not believe a single word they say on TV. I listened to the Police scanners when it was happening they had SWAT teams in the Mandalay, Bellagio and Luxor looking for shooters. The dispatcher said "be on the lookout for ARAB MEN" I heard it with my own two ears. The whole thing is a lie. Oh they shot a lot of people alright but ISIS did it with CIA provided M248's. I am quite sure this is very close to how it went down."

Вообще вменяемые люди говорят что когда к тебе подходят и говорят что твой брат кого-то убил:
1) трабуйте прямых свидетелей.
2) требуйте доказательств.

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