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Инструкция как видите на английском. В России подобные пути тоже должны быть опять-таки потому что калька в Коммерческой юрисдикции всегда одна вне зависимости от страны.

1. Go to the State of Minnesota Secretary of State (SOS) website and navigate to the “ONLINE BUSINESS SEARCH” page: https://mblsportal.sos.state.mn.us/
2. Click on the “Create Online Account” link near the top of the page: https://mblsportal.sos.state.mn.us/Account/Register
3. Complete required information (email and password) to establish an online account and click on “Create Online Account”. Check your email inbox for a new message from the State of Minnesota SOS office which contains a link to the website where you sign in to your account. Now we begin the process of filing the Assumed Name Certificate (ANC).
4. The link should take you here: https://mblsportal.sos.state.mn.us/Business/Search
5. Scroll down to where you see “Assumed Name” in the left margin and click on it. https://mblsportal.sos.state.mn.us/Business/NameAcceptability?Product=e3f5dd2c-fad3-e011-a886-001ec94ffe7f&Route=Filing&AvailabilityResult=Pass&Professional=False
6. In the field labeled “Proposed Business Name”, type in the “LEGAL NAME” which is reflective of the name on the Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) and click on SEARCH.
7. The name should come back “Name Available” highlighted in green. Below that you will be prompted to Click the [File] button to proceed to the filing page - “File Assumed Name”
8. You will now be asked to “Add Nameholders” – THIS IS YOU – YOUR REAL TRUE NAME It’s a little tricky here because the “fields” are labeled “First” “Middle” and “Last” but I do not have a “Last name”…neither do you. Your Surname or “family” name tells everyone where you came from and THAT name is inherited. You have that name passed on from your father’s family and remember that “Family” ALWAYS comes first when signing your REAL true name followed by a comma and then your “given name” which is otherwise known as your former “first and middle” names or ‘Christian name’. Unlearning and remembering you no longer have a “last name” or a first or middle name for that matter may not be easy at first but you will get used to it quickly. No more addressing yourself as “Mr.” or “Miss”….just have others use your given name, after all, that’s what your known by and “as” anyway. Only government refers to employees in “their family” by LAST NAME and they even WEAR that name! The trick here is to simply reverse the legal name (the one on the COLB) and place the surname/family name FIRST followed by a comma and then the “Given Name”. The “fields” are intentionally labeled wrong but for our purposes, just ignore them. The system is not interactive so it will take whatever data you input. Keep it simple.

9. When completing the address, make certain to correct the field containing the “state” as it is defaulted to MN (Minnesota) and you MUST change this to your state.
10. Click on “Save Nameholder” and then review the data to make sure it is correct.
11. If you are registering the legal name of your child, at this point you should add yourself as a Nameholder so that you can have the authority to make decisions on behalf of or for your child’s registered business entity.
12. Click on “Next” and you will be prompted to enter the “Place of Business” address. It clearly states that P.O. Boxes are a no-no so don’t even try! PMB boxes on the other hand are fine because they have a physical address (i.e. UPS, MailBoxes, Etc.).
13. Click on “Next” and you are prompted to enter a “Mailing Address” if it is different from the physical address you have already provided. Note that a P.O. Box is okay here. This is an optional screen which can be left blank.
14. Click “Next” and it will ask you for “Delivery Information”. This is YOU again so Surname, Given Name and the business email address. BTW, everything is business on the internet, it’s ALL commerce here in one way or another! Click on “Next”…
15. This will ask you to enter a “Client Reference” which I just leave blank.
16. Click “Next” and it prompts you to “Upload a file”…but do NOT upload anything. There is no need to so skip this step and click on “Next”.
17. This screen will ask you for your email address again and you should also leave the box checked excluding your email from bulk emails. Click “Next” and review ALL data thoroughly and double check spelling and be accurate.
18. If everything is correct, click “Submit” and then execute the Nameholder’s “electronic signature” which of course is your REAL name (Surname, Given Name).
19. When you have determined that everything is correct, click “Next” and then you will be prompted to pay the $50.00 fee using a credit or prepaid/debit card. US Bank is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and made an agreement of some sort with the SOS to offer their banking services but you don’t have to have a US Bank account to pay. That is just a convenience for existing US Bank customers who do a lot of business with the SOS…like attorneys. A credit/debit or prepaid card is all you need to complete the process and if you make a mistake, it can ALWAYS be corrected.
That’s it folks, you are done filing and now all you do is check your email for the confirmation link that will allow you to see, save and print your ANC. I recommend that everyone also order the “Certificate” itself for $15.00 as it has a border and is PROOF that the business entity is registered and is in existence as your “dba”. It is technically called a “Certificate of Existence and Registration”. This is not required of course but it certainly helps establish that the legal name is NOT you which is the most important facet of registering that name. Make sure you.

Теперь моя регистрация (дом и улицу я замазала, женихов воющих под дверью мне не надо, так же замазала три позиции в pегистрационном номере) но принцип для наглядности понятен. Квадратные кавычки на Zip Code для того чтобы выйти из Корпоративного Слоя (представьте себе луковицу. один слой Земля и Естественное право. Второй слой - это наложенная на первый слой Фикция (инкорпорированный слой) или Коммерческая юрисдикция. Zip code (индекс по-русски) это коммерческая юрисдикция, а кавычки как бы стирают ее с докумнета. Т.е. всё что в ковычках, его как бы не существует. Плюс название штата прописано полностью, например New York Republic а не NY (что тоже Коммерческая юрисдикция). Кстати, земля New York или California - это всегда Республика, а Корпорация NY или CA это всегда демократия.
Также, если вы заявляете себя как человек, то вы не можете быть РЕЗидентом живущем по адРЕСу. RES- это из Корпоративного Слоя обозначает вашу принадлежность их слою. Нельзя говорить I reside... надо говорить I live...
Т.е. когда гаишник на дороге спрашивает вас про адРЕС, всё что он пытается установить это вашу принадлежность их слою и можно ли вас доить на бабки или вообще оржать тачку.
То же самое происходить в недвиге, когда вы покупаете хату, Корпорация пытается чтобы вы подписали листок о том что это ваша РЕЗиденция, чтобы снимать с вас налог на недвигу.

USA (United States of America) это не US = UNITED STATES (Корпоративный Слой)

Ну и сертификат за $15 который можно таскать с собой и ежели чего предьявлять ментам, судьям и прочим служащим корпорации в доказательство того что вы не верблюд (не ИМЯ),

A если вы с собой таскаете еще и сертификат Доверенности ("Certification To The Validity Of The Durable Power Of Attorney and Attorney-in-Fact (Agent) Authority", потому что сама доверенность им не полагается. Она зарегистриована в Каунти и хранится у вас, а один листочек подтверждающий ее у вас наличие можно и потаскать с собой (отдельным постом про это сделаю) от ИМЕНИ вам Живому человеку на право ведения дел ИМЕНИ, то вы (человек) в их коммерческой системе вообще чужой. Т.е. они вам вообще ничего сделать не могут, потому что Царство фикции с Царством фактов (а человек это факт) не пересекаются.

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