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Я, ты, он, она - вместе целая страна!

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Институт Переливания Мозга
или Формируйте реальность. Сама не сформируется.

"Matter is energy. In the universe there are many energy fields which we don't normally perceive. Some energies have the spiritual source which act upon person's soul. However, the soul does not exist ab initio [from the beginning] as Orthodox Christianity teaches. It has to be born into existence by a process of guided self observation. However this is value achieved on demands unique ability to be destructed from spiritual matters by every day trivia."

«Материя - это энергия. Во вселенной есть много энергетических полей, которые мы обычно не воспринимаем. У некоторых энергий есть духовный источник, который воздействует на душу человека. Однако душа не существует ab initio [с самого начала] как учит православное христианство. Онa должнa быть рожденa в процессе управляемого самонаблюдения. Однако этa ценность, не достигается благодаря уникальной способности быть отодвинутым от духовных вопросов каждодневными пустяками. "

Living-Will and Testament

I, Ælena, family of Barskaya, house of Isreal, born on ___ day of first month 1973 Anno Domini / 5733 Anno Mundi, in sound mind and memory, making this Living-Will and testament on 26th day of eight month, in the year two thousand and nineteen Anno Domini / five thousand seven hundred and seventy nine Anno Mundi.

1) Rescission of oaths, vows and contracts.
I hereby revoke, rescind and annul oaths, vows, commitments, energetic ties, contracts and powers-of-attorneys written or oral that i as a living being in my true capacity have ever taken upon myself in this life or any other life that is not in alignment with me here and now. They are hereby revoked, rescinded and canceled ab initio (to the beginning) nunc pro tunc (as if they never were). Additionally, i forgive myself for accepting and allowing illusions and constructs that i have agreed with or bought into that have supported the illusions of all that i have learned up till now.

2) The WILL of my being and becoming sends this statement, ‘in’voice and ‘out’voice to the cosmos:
That i am the lawful owner of my mind, ‘con’siousness, ’pro’siousness, subconsiousness, superconsiousness, multi-dimentional forms and informs of the mind and the SEAT of my own KING-DOME. I do not RE-LINK-WISH nor relinquish my awareness to anyone or anything else/EL’s. This is my own will and my WILL-BE-DONE – i am not silent on this MATTER and this means that there is not a “yes confirmation” that is “lent” from being si-LENT to anyone or anything outside of my own KING-DOME.

3) I am never to sell, lease, loan, trade, borrow out, give away, or abdicate in fear or whatever else reason any of my natural and unalienable rights/writes for any wrong, corporation, jurisdiction, agent. I am intended beneficiary of my estate and God’s will.

4) Worldly POSSESS-ions.
All i have: interest, space, titles and entitlements, rights, time, status, states, property weather positive or negative in nature, weather earned, granted or however obtained; and all my flesh and blood; and all i am, was and will be, i put in trust with God from this day forward.

Dated now for then.

Subscribed By Me, and My Right Index Finger as natural Law Seal (seal per curia)


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